Why do I need a CFO?

Why do I need a CFO? That is a question I hear quite often. The short answer is that every business can benefit from a CFO. The long answer…that’s little more complicated. Most small business owners start a business and they are the “Doers” of the business. If you are a plumber, you open a plumbing business, a baker, you open a bakery. You get the idea. Well here is where things get tricky…everyone is not good at everything. Shocking right…well not really.  I can’t bake at the level of a professional baker…sure I can make a box cake…but does that really count? That being said, mosts “doers” don’t have the years of experience running a business, planning, forecasting, etc…plus, isn’t it better to focus on what you do best? The problem is that many people try to do it all, however, most of the time, the day runs out of hours, the week runs out of days…you get it. Those very important tasks related to the finances and running the business often get left undone. The questions of, “How is my business doing?, Did I have a good week, month?” often go unanswered. What in my business is making me money? What should I be focused on? If you can’t answer those questions definitively, with your answer based in facts, and not “feel”, then you can benefit from a CFO…on a Fractional basis.

Are you ready to hear more? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Do you simply want more hours back in the week to concentrate on the business, not simply “running the business” or as often is the case…the Business is running you.

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