Did you put the Right Person in the Right Role?

Tony Fremarek of A Fractional CFO and Thomas Herman of CRO Executive RoundTable engage in a discussion around the Right Person for the Right Role.  In small to mid-sized businesses, a hiring miss can be detrimental.  It is also important to make sure that you utilize people in the right roles.  Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole doesn’t always work.  When hiring sales people this is even more important as the sales cycle dictates how long you will need to hold on to a person before you know what you have.  Tony and Thomas also discuss using metrics and leading indicators instead of lagging indicators in judging a sales person.  The use of third parties, whether tests or other impartial measurements helps to take the emotions out of decisions.  We are probably all guilty at some point in our career of hiring the “nice guy”, because we liked them.  For the record, a lot of nice people are really incompetent when it comes to the role we may be filling.  Great people, and maybe a great person for the organization, but do you have them in the right role?  Using the Good to Great book by Jim Collins and it’s theories, ask yourself, Does this person belong on the bus?  Do you have them in the right seat on the bus?

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Tony Fremarek

Thomas Herman