Our process starts with discovery

We start each client with a discovery project. We believe the only way to fairly quote ongoing work is to understand what your business needs. This project helps us to learn your business, your goals, and the unique challenges you face. We work hard during this project to get up to speed with your existing processes. We review your financial statements and the KPIs you use to measure your business. Understanding where you are today, and what your goals are, help us to set the strategy moving forward.

How the engagement continues after discovery

One of the keys to success is getting into a rhythm with the team. The Fractional CFO relationship works best if we are part of your leadership team. We set a cadence that makes sense for the business. A typical month can consist of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings based on your needs and business size. For larger clients we are attending leadership meetings, reviewing weekly KPIs, and providing strategic and tactical advice on a weekly basis. Working with different team members on different tasks. For smaller clients, the cadence is usually twice a month, with a full financial statement review and cash flow discussions. We know that a “one size fits all” does not work, as every business is different. We have many different options available. Remember we are Your CFO.


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