How much do Fractional CFO services cost?

It will vary for each business. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Hourly rate should not be the determining factor in choosing a CFO.  What you don’t know is how many hours a fractional CFO will quote you.  All Fractional CFOs are not equal.  We learn what you need and then use specific criteria to determine a set price.  We can craft a solution from as little as 1-2 hours a week to as many as 20 hours a week if that is what your business needs.  We’re not a traditional accountant that you see once per quarter or once per year. We’re an extension of your team! We are YOUR CFO!


Major factors that affect your overall cost are:

  • Your business size. Larger businesses may require more work.
  • The complexity of your business.
  • The potential impact of financial strategy.
  • Brokering a big debt deal, or helping raise equity funding.
  • The services you select.
  • The size and bandwidth of the administrative team behind your CFO.


A Good Fractional CFO will not burden your company with services you do not need.  As you shop for fractional CFO consulting services, check if you are being quoted the right amount of work or if instead you are quoted excessive and unnecessary tasks.  We are happy to give you a comparison.


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