COVID-19 A Fractional CFO Update 03/17/2020

Good Day…

As all of us struggle with the ever changing world of COVID-19, I am working hard to keep up to date on issues that affect small business owners. Most of you are all working hard to keep your businesses running and open.

To that end…I will be posting a daily video update on the items that affect business owners, whether it be federal programs to help owners, help us take care of staff, state program changes, or Executive Orders at the state and Federal level that impact our businesses.

Additionally, I have been advising my clients to make plans now in the event that additional businesses are shut down as non-essential, or we need to have additional staff working remotely. I can help with getting your plans together, and projecting out cashflow which has become the MOST important planning tool. I can also be a reference if you need a company to help with getting your staff ready and enabled to work remotely.

Here is the link to the Facebook and LinkedIn posts. I encourage you to follow my page on Facebook and LinkedIn to get these updates.

Please reach out or use the link below to set up a time on my calendar to talk. I am extending my hours for additional availability. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.