Tony Fremarek

Founder & CFO

Tony Fremarek founded A Fractional CFO with the belief that all companies, not just large companies, can benefit from experienced financial professionals.  He recognized that the impact of a single, critical decision can be more impactful, whether positive or negative, for a smaller company than for a larger one.  A Fractional CFO fills the role of CFO for smaller companies, giving them a level of financial expertise that they are not ready to hire on a full-time basis.


Tony started his career as an entrepreneur, starting a small trucking company, while still in college, with $2,000 and turning it into a six-truck operation worth over $200K in under 3 years.  After that success, he entered the corporate world where he spent 7 years with two separate companies, one a $250M PR firm, and then as the Controller of two divisions of a $1B International Manufacturer.  Missing the small business and entrepreneurial spirit, he then went on to lead a $20M Wholesale and Retail supplier in the Chicagoland area with four separate locations.


Tony then went on to join a Professional Services firm as the Controller and moving up to eventually becoming a Partner and CFO after successfully leading a buyout of the original founders.  After those 16 years, he decided he needed another challenge, and wanted to help other small to mid-size businesses succeed with the help of Fractional CFO services and that is how A Fractional CFO was born.


Tony believes that his over 25 years of experience in a variety of businesses, both large and small, from professional services, wholesale, retail, and manufacturing gives him a unique skill set of experiences to help other businesses thrive, grow, and reach full potential.


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